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Dunlop Motorcycle TiresDunlop Motorcycle TiresDunlop Motorcycle TiresDunlop Motorcycle Tires
Dunlop Motorcycle Tires - Choosing The Right Ones + Additional Info

Since 1888, Dunlop motorcycle tires and the Dunlop corporation have been innovators and leaders in all things tire. The company has a long list of firsts, such as being the first company to create a usable pneumatic tire and being the first company to use Kevlar in tires. These tires have a rich history of quality and endurance. It is no wonder that Dunlop makes some of the most popular motorcycle tires around. The Dunlop Motorcycle website has a wealth of information, from a company history to individual specifications for each tire they make. If you are in the market for a set of Dunlop motorcycle tires, you have come to the right place to find out all about them.

How to choose the right Dunlop motorcycle tires

  1. Consult your motorcycle's owner's manual. This guide will often give suggestions of what size and type of tires you need. You do not want to get tires that do not fit your bike. You could wind up in a serious accident or even something worse.

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  1. Where you live can affect which tires you will need. If you drive more in an off road situation, you are going to need off road tires, whereas if you stick mostly to the highways, road tires should suit you fine.

  2. Read reviews. One of the best ways to find out the truth about a product is to read what other people who have experience with the product have to say about it. Often, shopping websites like Amazon and Sears will have places for customers to write reviews of their products. You do sometimes have to watch out for biased reviews. For example, if you are at a Dunlop motorcycle tires fan page, the owner may not allow any negative comments on the page, so you may only be seeing positive reviews. Reading positive reviews is certainly not a bad thing, but you do want to be aware if all you see are positive reviews. This could reveal that you are looking at a biased site. Similarly, be wary of sites with only negative reviews, as this could be a competitor site trying to garner your business.

  3. Do your homework. In addition to reading reviews, ask friends and family what they recommend; talk to other people interested in motorcycles to see what they are using. Look in newspapers and online for further information regarding both the tires you are interested in and sales that might be happening.

  4. Most importantly, get tires you like! As long as they fit in ok with all the other categories listed, make sure you like the tires! If at all possible, take them for a test drive or try to find out how they handle. You could find tires that fit all the above specs, then when they actually get on the bike feel terrible. You certainly do now want this situation, so do your best to take the tires for a road run before you buy them.

Cost of Dunlop motorcycle tires

When considering the cost of your tires, you want to take into consideration everything involved with getting and using the tires. So, you want to remember to take into account figures for things like shipping, delivery, and installation of the tires.

  • The Tires Unlimited website sells both street and off road Dunlop motorcycle tires. This site has a large selection in stock, including the Sportmax Q2 tires. The front tires sell for about $140 each, and the rear tires, depending on which size and weight you choose, range from $165 to $220. If you prefer off road tires, Tires Unlimited sells all different types of off road tires, including hard terrain, multi terrain, dual sport, and intermediate-soft, among others. One of the more popular types of off road tires is the D952 Multi Terrain tires. These tires are modeled after motocross tires, so they are practical for a variety of terrains. They are also priced at a lower cost, with the front tires selling for about $64 and the rear tires ranging from $66 to $82.

  • Amazon offers many different choices for Dunlop motorcycle tires, including the Elite 3 150/80R17. These tires cost a little less than $240 each. Customers like these tires, claiming they are worth the extra money if you are willing to put it in up front.

  • The Motorcycle Superstore sells street, cruiser, and dirt motorcycle tires. For the dirt tires, you can expect to pay between $30 and $60, depending on the size of the tires. The wider and more heavy duty the tires, the more expensive they are.

  • The Tire Express website has a unique offering, in that, in addition to individual tires, this site also offers package deals. For example, the Dunlop Roadsmart Sport Touring tires typically cost between $460 and $480 for one front and one rear tire. With the special deal available through Tire Express, you can save nearly $200. Depending on the size tires you need, they will cost between $290 and $300.

As you can see, the cost of your tires is going to vary widely depending on several things:

  • Where you buy the tires from

  • Whether or not you can get a package deal

  • The size of your tires

  • The type of tires you choose—off road, sport, highway, etc.

Another thing you need to consider when thinking about cost is a warranty on the tires. Typically, used tires come with either no warranty at all or an extremely limited one from the distributor, not the manufacturer. This may be a fact to take into account when you are looking for a new set of Dunlop motorcycle tires.

A Few More Specific Dunlop Tires To Consider:

1.  Dunlop D402 Harley-Davidson Whitewall Rear Tire – MT90B-16/Wide White Wall

Boy, that’s a mouthful, but this tire is the only one approved by Harley-Davidson for their touring bikes.  It’s got a great tread pattern which helps the bike handle well in either wet or dry conditions, it also minimizes cupping.

If you’re going to pick this one up, it will run you about $130.99 if you purchase it on Amazon.  Of course if you do that, you’re going to have to install it yourself once you get it.  But I guess alternatively, you can take it to a nearby shop once you’ve got the wheels and pay to have it installed in a shop.

2.  Dunlop Elite 3 Motorcycle Tire

Here’s a cheaper brand of tire that will run you $86.42 at “Bike Bandit”.  Out of 22 customer reviews, the overall rating holds steady at 4.9 out of 5, so this is without a doubt a tried and tested tire that has many satisfied customers.

The tire is an update to the 491 Elite.  The wear is great and the tire offers a quieter ride, additionally, the grip this tire has on the road in wet or dry conditions is quite nice.  It works great on mountain roads, decent enough on gravel and can even be driven through slush.  These will likely last you 20-25k miles.

3.  Bridgestone BT021

These tires will cost you a little over $200 and will give you a nice smooth ride and good traction for at least 7000 miles.  The tires wear out at about the same rate which means when the time comes, you’ll have to replace both of the tires at the same time. 

For the grip and mileage you get for these the price is reasonable.  The only downside to this is while the performance is great, some feel they wear out too quickly.

Looking for used Dunlop motorcycle tires

If you decide to look for used tires, there are some major things you need to ask about the tires before you buy them.

  1. How long have the tires been used already? An older set of tires is closer to the end of its life, so you should not pay as much for them.

  2. How hard did the owner ride the tires? Even if the tires are newer, if the owner has ridden on the tires in rough terrain for several hours per day every day, the set is going to be in worse condition than a set of tires that has only been used periodically.

  3. What is the condition of the tread on the tires? The tread on tires can be very telling. For example, if you see a tread that is cracked, worn down, or extremely rough looking, you should proceed with caution. The tires might be more used than the owner is letting on.

  4. Have the tires ever been repaired? This will be something you have to rely on the seller to tell you (of course, you can ask about it). If the tires have already had to have been repaired once, they may have to be repaired again. Sometimes the cost of upkeep and repairs winds up being much more expensive than just buying new tires, so that is a point you should consider.

Overall, there are many places you can find Dunlop motorcycle tires. They are available locally, in stores, and online. You will need to take into consideration extra costs like installation, maintenance, taxes, shipping and handling, and other fees. These things can all have an impact on the final price of your tires. For the most part, customers express that they are pleased with the performance of their Dunlop motorcycle tires. If you take care of them and keep up with a regular maintenance schedule, your tires will last a long time and maintain a high level of performance for their lifetime. Be sure to do your research and find the tires that are just right for you before making your final purchasing decision.